Key Management

Sandra Liz Hon Ai Ling

Chief Executive Officer

Sandra is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Annica Holdings Limited and was appointed to the Board on 6 January 2016. Sandra is responsible for the Group’s strategic direction, business development and overall performance, drawing from her extensive experience in senior management in the areas of corporate finance, restructuring, business advisory and project financing. Prior to her position at Annica, Sandra had previously served as an independent director at a public listed company in Bursa Malaysia. She is passionate and active in the renewable energy and green technology industry and works closely with private equity players, both locally and abroad. Sandra has also been invited to speak at several international industry forums and seminars particularly in the area of renewable energy. Sandra holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Strathclyde.

Key Management Personnel

Musa Bin Muhammad Sahir

Managing Director, PJ Services Pte LTd and Subsidiaries (“P.J. Services Group“)

Musa joined P.J. Services Pte. Ltd. as an executive and rose through the ranks to become Managing Director in 2016, overseeing the operations of the P.J. Services Group. He is also tasked with the development of new products, businesses and territories and building new agency partnerships. Musa holds a Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering from the Temasek Polytechnic and has more than 14 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry, specializing in sales, marketing and project management for procurement of oil and gas equipment for onshore and offshore platforms, vessels and pipelines.

Pek Seck Wei

Director, Industrial Engineering Systems Pte Ltd (“IES“) and its subsidiaries (“IES Group”)
Technical/Operation Director, Cahya Suria Energy Sdn Bhd (“

Seck Wei is a co-founder of IES and has vast experience in the oil and gas industry. He is the Director of the IES Group and is responsible for the management and development of the business of sale of oilfield equipment and customised engineering solutions to oil and gas companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Seck Wei graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) degree from the Nanyang Technological University. As part of the Group restructuring and diversification into the new businesses, Seck Wei has been appointed as the Director of Cahya Suria Energy Sdn. Bhd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company and the immediate holding company of the rural off-grid and renewable energy subsidiaries, and oversees the business development and performance of this group of companies.

Muhammad Hatta Bin Sukarni

Managing Director, H2 Energy  Sdn Bhd (“H2E“, formerly known as HT Energy (S) Sdn Bhd)

Mohd. Hatta is a co-founder of H2 Energy Sdn Bhd (H2E) and an experienced businessman. He began his career as a civil servant at the Department of Inland Revenue based in Sarawak. Almost a decade after, Hatta left the civil service to pursue his entrepreneurship endeavours. His business acumen and interpersonal skills has led him to his Directorship and Shareholding in several private limited companies in Malaysia and Australia. His diversified investments portfolio including the Civil Engineering and Construction industry, Property Development and the Fishing Industry. Hatta thrives his businesses in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia leveraging on his established network in the State”.