Tan Sri Dato Seri Zulkefli Bin Ahmad Makinudin

Independent and Non-Executive Chairman

Tan Sri was appointed to the Board on 5 July 2019 as the Independent and Non-Executive Chairman. He had a distinguished career in the Malaysian judiciary system, reaching the apex of his judiciary career by serving as the President of Malaysia’s Court of Appeals before retiring in July 2018. Tan Sri is currently serving as a Judge in the Syariah Court of Appeal, Perak and as an Arbitrator and Mediator of AIAC. Tan Sri holds Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Malaya and a Masters of Law degree from University College, University of London.

Sandra Liz Hon Ai Ling

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Sandra is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer and was appointed to the Board on 6 January 2016. Sandra is responsible for the Group’s strategic direction, business development and overall performance. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Strathclyde and brings with her extensive experience in corporate finance, restructuring, advising roles, working closely with private equity players, locally and abroad.  

Lim In Chong

Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director

Lim In Chong is the Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director and was appointed to the Board on to the Board on 6 July 2018 . He studied at United world college of Southeast Asia and graduated from Trent University in Peterborough, Canada and later received a master degree from RMIT Melbourne. Mr. Lim, a renowned landscape designer and an avid supporter of sustainable and green development with abiding interest in the renewable energy sector. He is a director and principal of Inchscape Sdn Bhd and his work has received numerous accolades from around the world.

Su Jun Ming

Lead Independent and Non-Executive Director

Jun Ming was appointed to the Board on 20 January 2016 as the Lead Independent and Non-Executive Director. Currently, Jun Ming is a Director with a boutique professional firm that specialised in the area of corporate advisory and finance, transaction services, insolvency and restructuring services.  He was also formerly  an  associate  director  in a  large multinational  auditing firm  providing  corporate finance advisory services including IPOs, RTOs, M&A, valuations, fairness opinions, and capital raising exercises from various regions covering a wide range of industries. Jun Ming experience also includes being a Financial Controller of a company listed in SGX-ST. He is a Chartered Valuer and Appraiser (CVA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst. 

Adnan Bin Mansor

Independent and Non-Executive Director

Adnan was appointed to the Board as the Independent and Non-Executive Director on 20 January 2016. Adnan was the technical lead of the distribution division of Tenaga National Berhad responsible for planning of substations construction and cabling. He is currently an independent consultant providing technical consultancy services on renewable energy and green technology related projects. Adnan is also a director of a privately-owned property development company in Malaysia.

Shamsol Jeffri Bin Zainal Abidin

Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director

Shamsol is the Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director and was appointed to the Board on 27 September 2019. Shamsol is an established town planner and businessman. He holds a Bachelor of Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University Technology of Malaysia (UTM). He is also a corporate member of Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP), Lembaga Perancang Bandar Malaysia (LPBM) and member of Malaysian Social Impact Assessment (MSIA). He is a managing director of SAM Planners Sdn Bhd with more than 25 years of experience in urban planning, social planning, urban transportation planning, land and property development management.